Athletic Therapy

A new way to treat the body

Using a combination of advanced methods to get you out of pain and back to being your best

Services Offered

When working with Kendra you will receive a combination of all three services, at no extra cost. Kendra has a unique skill set that no one else in Edmonton can match. Learn more about the details of each service below.

CAT(C) – Athletic Therapy Services – Athletic Therapy specializes in the musculoskeletal system. A certified Athletic Therapist (AT) has in depth knowledge about the human body and the many ways we move. An AT can work in several setting, from emergency care to clinical rehabilitation. What sets an AT apart is our other professional therapists is our advanced course work in athletic tapings, injury prevention, emergency situations and reconditioning.
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 NKT – NeuroKinetic Therapy Services – NKT is an assessment tool that uses the motor control center to seek out dysfunction within the body. This advanced course work created by David Weinstock, is a corrective tool that provides lasting results. It not only looks at the area of pain but finds the cause. Currently Kendra is one of few in Alberta who have taken NKT course work. Kendra is NKT certified level 1 and working towards taking her level 2 in the next coming weeks. She will be taking the final course, level 3 this January.
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FMS – Functional Movement Systems – FMS is a systematic 7 step grading tool that uses fundamental movement patterns to point out asymmetries, functional limitations and predict your potential for re-injury. Originally FMS was simply a 7 step screening tool but now it has grown to huge proportions. FMS can also objectively measure your progress as you excel through a unique set of exercise progression. If you are pain free, ask to receive a FMS screen from Kendra. They are great tools to providing tailored exercise programs.
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