Custom Fit Transformations


The FIRST bikini Katherine ever bought and she is rocking it!

  • 8 weeks between photos
  • 15 lbs lost
  • 20 overall inches lost

What was the biggest lifestyle change you made to transform your body?

Preparation was the key to my success. I started preparing my meals for the week in advance.

This way I was less tempted to eat take out for the convenience of it and I knew exactly how many calories I was putting in my body each day.

I made sure to schedule my workouts in advance too. At the start of the month I would sit down with my day planner and pencil myself in. I worked with Malory, my trainer, a handful of times each week and knowing she would be at the gym waiting for me kept me accountable. Malory would never get that time back if I didn’t show up and I would never get the money I invested for that session back.

What do your workouts look like?

Malory has me doing a combination of High Intensity Interval Training and heavy lifting. The interval training keeps my heart rate elevated and burns a ton of calories during and after my workout. On top of also burning calories, the weight lifting makes me feel strong and confident.

What was the most challenging part of your journey?

The most challenging part of my journey was changing my nutrition habits. I love food and often times I use food to pacify fears and anxieties. I had to learn not to eat for comfort or just for the sake of eating but as fuel for my body. I still eat all the foods I love, I just be sure to enjoy them in moderation. When I see the progress in my photos and weekly weigh ins, it keeps me motivated to stick to this mind set.

What obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them?

I injured my hamstring during a workout. Not only was this physical but mentally it set me back. I was worried that all of my hard work was going to waste and I wouldn’t be able to continue progressing.  I overcame this by working with my trainer to rehab my leg and to modify my workouts. I was able to keep working out just as hard with my modified program and didn’t lose any ground. I made sure to commit a portion of my workout to mobility and stretching.

What is your best advice for someone wanting to get started on his or her own fitness journey?

There will be failures on your journey to success.  You are going to have days that you slip up on nutrition or miss a workout.  Challenges will present themselves in many different ways but that is how life will always be. This is not a short term thing for me, I want to make a lifestyle change so I know I need to work through those days and not let a slip up derail me completely.