Peter Clarke

Peter began his career as a personal trainer in 1995 and received his degree in Exercise Science from Simon Fraser University in 1999. Since then he has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life improve their confidence and strength as they regain their health. He specializes in pain management and helping his clients regain the mobility and fitness that their poor posture at work has taken away from them.

After an initial assessment identifying weak or restricted areas of your body, Peter utilizes a variety of myofascial release techniques, PNF stretching, and strengthening weak areas to bring your body back into healthy balance and pain free. From there his clients continue to get stronger and more fit for any activities they may want to do. The health of your body is the foundation for your life, so make sure you take care of it the right way with the help of an experienced professional.  Most clients experiencing pain get immediate relief after just one session, and learn so much about how to take care of their body.  Peter maintains a full client roster but may have room to give you an assessment and help get you started on your fitness journey.”

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